Host Homes is a program where state-certified families/adults offer temporary respite for youth in crisis in their “host homes,” providing up to ten days of safe housing and access to appropriate wraparound services.

This is an unprecedented program in Colorado. We have developed the program based on the Colorado Department of Human Services, Division of Child Welfare guidelines.

This program allows for immediate conflict, de-escalation, and a chance to regroup. It provides safe housing and prevents couch-surfing and runaways. We should keep our youth in Aspen, instead of our only current option, which is to transport troubled youth to a facility in Grand Junction 128 miles away.

How it Works:

  1. Youth is referred from school, law enforcement, or Secrets program
  2. A match is made between Host Home and youth
  3. Youth is placed into Host Home
  4. Caseworker assessment (with youth, guardian, and Host Home)
  5. Wraparound services planned, goals set with parents/family
  6. Youth is reunified with family

This program benefits our community!

  • Provides safe, stable temporary housing for youth in crisis
  • Reduces instances of domestic violence
  • Prevents underage substance acquisition and abuse

Host Homes are trained, certified volunteers, and there is no cost to youth or families for this program.