Hear Their Stories



Give a piece of time that has not been eaten up by our busy lives; Volunteer!



Your ability to give direct services will benefit an entire community.



Your monetary donation goes directly to those in need.


Donate To Our Mobile Kitchen

Our Mobile KitchenWe have a passion to help homeless youth, regardless of socioeconomic status. With a mobile kitchen we are looking to connect food and resources to the homeless youth population in Denver, CO. But we need your help to get from our stationary kitchen to our mobile kitchen! Please help by donating to our cause today so that we can feed the rest of Denver tomorrow.


Why Focus On Our Backyard?

nina-screenshotThere are no simple solutions to counter the negative impacts of sex trafficking, homelessness and addiction. The continuing loss of young lives in our communities is unacceptable. The fact that many young people seek help that is unavailable is unacceptable. We cannot tolerate the lack of resources being directed to solve these problems in our backyards.


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