The Tragedy in Colorado

On any given night there are numbers of homeless youth living in usage places on the streets, under bridges. couch surfing, living in cars. No one knows the real numbers of kids on the streets, but our statistics from Urban Peak shows they serve over 2000 every year and Attention Homes in Boulder serves a population that is increasing and estimated to be as many as 400 homeless youth per day.

Young people become homeless for a number of reasons. Many are on the streets because they have aged out of foster care system. Others have been kicked out of their homes by mentally ill parents. Some flee homes where they have suffered from both physical and sexual abuse. Some youth become homeless when their families fall into difficult financial situations, difficulties of maintaining a job, or lack of medical insurance. These youth find themselves separated from their families living on the streets often due to shelter or welfares policies.

Agencies who serve homeless adults are challenged to provide service to young people. They are not designed to meet the needs of young people who do not have the skills to live independently. Homeless youth need access to services that will help them regain stability in their lives, such as obtaining a job and affordable housing.
Homeless youth benefit from programs that meet immediate needs first and then help them address other aspects of their lives.

Callie’s Backyard is helping by partnering with organizations that take action to help with even the smallest of efforts, a breakfast ! A hot meal ! Please read on and join in a community effort.