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Sandwiches, Skills, & Employment!

After launching Callie’s Backyard Foundation’s Food Van in September 2016 it was soon realized that it could serve more than just sandwiches. Our vision was that the van could also serve up work experience to help Denver homeless youth get a basic start on their path to self-sufficiency!

Our Partnership with Purple Door Coffee

Mark from Purple Door Coffee

Mark from Purple Door Coffee

Callie’s Backyard has partnered with Purple Door Coffee, an organization helping to employ homeless youth, to put even more kids to work in the Denver area. Employees hired through this partnership receive:

  • Stable paycheck
  • Metal health services
  • Paid job & life skills training
  • Safe & supportive work environment
  • The foundation for future employment success

Together we can provide essential skills that will help homeless youth to achieve a sustainable life off the streets.

homeless youth employment program

“Purple Door provides a supportive work environment and understands the struggles of youth exiting homelessness. We are excited about this partnership and are ready to help more youth get the job training they need to get a start on life.” -Jackie Long, founder of Callie’s Backyard

Facts About Homeless Youth:

  • 76% of homeless youth age 18-27 do not have a high school diploma.
  • 63% of homeless youth report leaving a household dependent on government services.
  • 100% face daily challenges of homelessness that hinder the ability achieve sustainable work.

The disheartening fact is that many homeless youth have not received the essential skills needed to be successful in a typical work environment. That is why Callie’s Backyard is proud to offer the Employee Tool Kit. This is a 3-month course designed to give homeless youth the essential skills they need to be successful in the work environment.

The Homeless Youth Employment Program allows participants to add the following skills to their resumes:

  • Safe Food Handling
  • Customer Service
  • Balancing Work-Life Skills
  • Social Skills Development
  • Teamwork
  • Homeless Outreach Resources
  • Food Van Operations
  • Sandwich Building 101

Help us employ more Denver Homeless Youth. Let’s get to work!